Statement for Justice (Patrica Moore, Albertan Animal Abuser)

My mothers charges are coming to trial on July 29th,2020. I was once asked to write a victim impact statement for her character reference. At the time I did want to write one because I wanted to disengage from her. If I had written on it would be what I am writing here on my blog, a very emotional and personal letter. I ask this those who read this to be compassionate and understanding on how this letter will sound.

To whom it may concern,

I am not a victim to my mother Trish Moore. My statement does not make me a victim to her: nor will I allow myself the mentality to be her victim. Circumstance and universes decided my mother would be a birth giver. What I want to say here is who her true victims are and why we should care more. I will tell you why the system has failed each one of them, and I will suggest a change.

My mother has always been keen to finding animals to possess. The common dogs and horses but unlike normal pet owners or ethical breeders she continually abuses them. An ethical breeder knows the care and considers the well-being. Unethical “breeders” much like Patricia Moore cross the grey line of her animals. I have personally witnessed her caging several dogs together and force breeding them without care to make money. An ethical dog breeder will have enough profit money to vet check and uphold health standards. Patricia, the unethical breeder profits on AISH and cannot provide the right funds to the veterinarians to carry out the care. Her animals often go without proper nutrition, this has lead animals in her care to die from neglect and starvation. Even one animal dying from starvation shows a lack empathy and proper decision-making. To conclude that in one case it was thirty-seven horses and sixty-seven dogs and in another forty-three horses and three dead left near a property shows a pattern of continual neglect. Those animals were victims of a malicious human being. Was she incapable of doing the right thing? I don’t believe so.

Horses seized from the Moore property 2019

She could have given up her animals when she realized she did not have adequate means of care. She could have asked for communal help in the which the Albertan Farmer Community gracefully offers. Patricia had open means to the SPCA to find care and support. Due to her 2010 charges she was only supposed to have two horses in her care. I honestly believe if she had kept to two horses this may have manageable. Reflecting back she had no intention of following conditions placed on her. Patricia Moore believes she is above the law. This is not speculation she has shown it with every court case and inspection and conditions she routinely disregards. This wasn’t entirely her fault the SPCA, whom her victims were failed by not investigating after several calls of concern. It took pictures of three dead horses for the SPCA to act accordingly. The horses’ death could have been prevented sooner if Patricia acted in her means of care and the SPCA held up the conditions of law.

Pearl was a horse removed from Patrica Moore. She had to have surgery to fix the hole.

A horrifying image of Patrica Moors horse lying dead

These animals that died deserve more than thoughts and prayers. They deserve proper justice. Patrica Moore killed these animals, more likely murdered them. She could have done the right thing, she knowingly let the animals suffer. It’s not the first time and if our justice system does not do something to hold her accountable other than a fine: She will go buy more victims to selfishly murder. The people she victimized is one thing but I’m more focused on her silent victims. The ones who get to live in horror and have a long road to recovery. I’m talking about the animals forced to breed when they were close friends to deaths door. Malnourished and unable to feed their young. The animals who lived in filth and unhygienic conditions because she could not be bothered to provide adequate care. Setting the animals up for life ending infections and parasites. Knowingly breeding horses with a gene called lethal white and posting it on her personal Facebook. She bred mares without proper genetic testing to achieve a gene that will kill the foal in instantly and painfully. All of her animals lived at the mercy of death. If that doesn’t hit home to provide a clear message of the horrors Patricia Moore inflicted on these animals: enough to bring justice to the silent victims, then I don’t know how anyone can say they truly care. This is a full statement to the violent, sadistic, human being she is.

Patrica Moore yelling at her protesters outside of court July 2020

I plead to whomever read or hears this please don’t fail her victims another time. I lived with her abuse all my life and I chose to walk away. I’m not a victim because I have a voice and I can walk away. The animals who are dying at her hands cannot speak of the hell they lived through. They are the strongest creatures because they survived because they had no choice to. Justice needs to be made to end the cycle of abuse and send a clear message to other abusers Canadians have had enough. Animal Abuse will no longer be tolerated.

I leave this in the hands of the Canadian Justice System. Will you the Canadian Justice actually take new laws into your hands and hold the felon accountable? Animal blood is on her hands and if you do not act with fruition the blood is now on your hands.

Written by Aleszandria Barg

18 thoughts on “Statement for Justice (Patrica Moore, Albertan Animal Abuser)

  1. This load of garbage made me laugh. The author could not even write legibly or use proper English and finished sentences. So many lies written to be taken as fact without any supporting evidence. Insinuations and misleading photographs and outright defamation does not make any of this true.


      • Well the truth will come out so will the truth about the people you associate with who are nothing but cyber bullies relying on lies and defamation and false testimony. You are one of the perpetrators of this deceit on the world through the internet. Grow up and be a true human.


      • You know what Trish. I have nothing more to say to you. Your not a mother and your not a good person.
        The truth will come out about you and one day karma will come around.
        I’ve said my peace and that is that.


    • Patricia you are on trial on July 29th. Considering pictures and several statements from your community do not lie. The real truth of the animals you murdered will come out


  2. Wow thank you for sharing. I’m so glad have been able to rise above all of this horrible behaviour you received and witnessed. We bought a puppy from her all we thought was let’s save this puppies life. Not knowing of anything about previous charges we just thought something is not normal. Our dog is healthy and thriving he will be 3 in December. Much sadness for all the other animals that didn’t have a chance !


    • I’m so sorry Carol I’m glad your puppy is thriving. I’m really hoping the more people that care the more we can actually speak up for the animals. Thank you for commenting on my blog. Would you mind sharing it.


    • And you purchased that dog after it was vetted by a qualified veterinarian, sold on contract, with a health quarantine, sold with a pet insurance coverage trial and so forth. Now you are here trying to claim your puppy was supposedly neglected before you bought it? Come on get real


      • Whatever you want to believe.
        Time and time again has shown you make up your own reality. Others know the truth about you and others have walked away from your toxic reality.
        I’m moving on with my kids and my family. Ones you will never get to know and I’m ok with being a mother you never were.
        Good bye Trish move on. We are done herem


      • My comment is not directed at my dog it is directed at you and feeling something was not right with you that’s all and by reading your comments it is holding true.!


    • Carol Bissell there is nothing wrong with you. I’m sorry I’m trying to find a way to block her. You are a good owner and a kind soul. Patricia is projecting her malicious intent and all you have to do is ignore her normally that works. You keep loving your animals the way you do.
      Love and light


  3. Yes I was done with you so many years ago, I gave up on you ever being a truthful human being. You have always prayed on people with your pathological lies. Blaming others for your shortcomings and causing people to feel sorry for you to gain wealth and objects even a roof over your head without having to earn it. Keep posting your crap because someday I will have everything g to show your true nature and it isn’t this loving, caring knowledgeable individual you are attempting to show the world.


  4. Also it was a choice not to be your mother, I was told by a great therapist that it was okay to eradicate toxic people from your life even if it is a family or family members especially a child. I took that advice to heart, I gave up on you, not the other way around. You choose to sleep with Harry Alexander Van Dyk who was my ex, yes that is the moral compass that drove you. You choose to lie, steal and fraudulently invade others lives your words, your blogs are lies, pure utter all garbage. Science fiction. Anyone who actually reads them all can read for themselves how you contradict yourself and can actually weed out the lies. I do not want to know you and have never had any desire to meet your children but you did try to defraud the health care system by claiming your first born on my health care which took me and your siblings years to fix and lose the stigma of your habitual fraudulent acts of identity theft.
    You stalk me by calling my friends etc. Good on you. You joined Lynn Danyluk in perpetrating a fraud upon the court again good on you. Will you escape the law when this all comes out. Nope. What kind of mother are you? Not a good one as a good mother would stop lying and posting this shit and actually get a real job and teaching their children to be true honest individuals not living on lies.
    Go fuck yourself, you should be really good at it as you’ve made a life fucking others over and over. I notice you can’t even use your real name and have assumed how many identities?


    • Whatever you need to tell yourself to sleep at night. All you have on here are empty accusations and if that’s the reality you truly want to believe in your mind, well so be it.
      You don’t scare me anymore and really there’s nothing you can do to harm me.
      I hope you heal one day and find your chi. I advise you to look in the mirror and try to break your fractured reality and see your own actions. Once your done being addicted to always having something wrong, you find peace and balance.
      I did put you on the healing list mabey the prayers will be heard with divine intervention.
      In the name of the maiden the mother and the old crone.


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